cuz of my laptop

mwahh laptop!!
is so crap

its this stupid
chinese brand called 'lenovo'??
it cost my dad heaps
probs around $2500?
and what?? i never saw a computer
that crashes more than 10 times in 2minutes!!
it soooo doesnt worth it

but i had to get it for school

cuz we cant use anything else than this one
apparently its.....what hi-tech??


lol Do you see my hatred??

if so.....

buy me a macbook!! please!! i beg you


PpPpPpPa said...

>< really need macbook too!!!!!!!!


Jurnalul unei adolescente said...

i have a computer and it's very good:-??
But i think i would prefer a laptop,because i could take him anywhere.
Where are you from?I'm from Romania:)