Cuz of school life

yeh I haven't been blogging for
More than a week??

I was so tired because of school
and because our school friken
encourages what they call 'hi tech'
what. using the stupid laptop for
every lesson?? I hate it so much!!

I used to love computer
like I was a complete addict
but now thanks to QAHS it
totally put me offf

With 6 hrs of intense computer everyday
Is like .. hell on earth!! I feel so radiated
and like .. it sucks
and i've been trying to be a bit productive
Nowdays but it really is fragile :-((

School is okay
like usual. but not too hard core so that's
a relief

but.. kind of sadly my depression revisited me
like usual. it always comes and goes
leaves me with the dread of unconsciousness

and i want to just


i was thinking about this depression thing
since when did i start getting depressed?
...like when a was a junior

and thats why people say i always look too old
because i think of stupid things like the world
the philosophy.

i lost my innocence
i shouldve kept my childish thoughts

thanks to my depression
im already a grown up.
- like any other adults.

too mature.

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