cuz of my laptop

mwahh laptop!!
is so crap

its this stupid
chinese brand called 'lenovo'??
it cost my dad heaps
probs around $2500?
and what?? i never saw a computer
that crashes more than 10 times in 2minutes!!
it soooo doesnt worth it

but i had to get it for school

cuz we cant use anything else than this one
apparently its.....what hi-tech??


lol Do you see my hatred??

if so.....

buy me a macbook!! please!! i beg you


cuz of this ssssong

so i have this comparative essay due tomoro
and you know what?? haha i havent started!
and my family has this dinner

so yeah i was like wtf what am i gonna do
but like usual i dont panic
so im just going to do it like at 4 today? haha
dont care! kkk

so yeah basically i just did youtube
from 7am haha...........not funny

and i searched for the piano cover of 'second run'
original sound track from a korean online game called talesweaver
it was arranged by a guy called nam gung min
its kinda new age....its really magical and like... fantasy?

anyway i totally LOVE this song
its beautiful!!! <3

i also have this favvv cover of 'La La La' by Se7en
its quite old but its amazing
and i just LOVE it

it was played so nicely

Why can't i be like that?
i gotta practice by piano!!!!
a light of inspiration ^ ^


cuz of i'm tired and i hate school but love french

arghh i hated school today
so sucky
and im so tired

but i really do love french
its my best subject
and we learn so much
its like going to 학원

everythings pretty much interesting
when it comes to french
i love france

i think by the end of grade 12
i'm going to be like...fruent in french
thats one of my goals


dont wanna go to school!


cuz of the super mean busdriver

okay I just got on the bus
and friken hell the bus driver is
sooooo mean !!

I said I'm going to helensvale
because when I say arundel
most of the times they get confused

And the lady is like
helensvale or helensvale station?
so I said helensvale because
arundel is apart of helensvale

and then I realized that she charged me wrong
Told her that it's actually the station
and she got furious
friken going insane
and I just stood there like dumb
I apologised
and she's like 'distinguish kid!!'
in a really stingy voice

Soooo mean
People can make mistake!

cuz of the sports day

i went to school today
I really didn't want to go
because I was still in the holiday mode
and it was too short! like WTF?
11days?? god kill me :-(

and plus it was sports day
Eww sun, sweat...

the forecast said it was going to
but it didn't!!

so I had to drag myself to school
with my sports uniform
and all my concerns.

but actually it wasn't as bad
as I expected.
it was quite fun
and the girls were really nice
they were all originally from benowa
and I love them because they're
all like.... smart kind and everything

and it was undercover
it wasn't too much of running
and I managed to play adequately so..

my arms are all bruised
but I feel proud of the way I played
I think volleyballs fun

I'm fit now!!


cuz of words

밤새 방안엔 눈이 많이 쌓였어
난 자장가에 잠을 깨어
눈을 떴지만
넌 이미 없었어

밤새 마당엔 새가 많이 죽었어
난 종이돈 몇장을 쥐고
전화를 걸어
천국을 주문했어

노래는 반쯤 쓰다 참지 못하고 태워버렸어
나는 재를 주워 담아 술과 얼음과 마셔버렸어
오 미안 오 이제 작별 인사를 해야지
내 마음을 닫을 시간이야

밤새 방안엔 꽃이 많이 피었어
난 종이돈 몇장을 쥐고
전화를 걸어
끊어 버렸어

밤새 술잔엔 눈물이 많이 고였어
넌 내게 거절해달라고 애원했지만
난 끝내 거절했어

노래는 반쯤 쓰다 참지 못하고 태워버렸어
나는 재를 주워 담아 술과 얼음과 마셔버렸어
오 미안 오 이제 작별 인사를 해야지
내 마음을 닫을 시간이야

its time to close my mind
its time to close
its time to close my mind
its time to close

노래는 반쯤 쓰다 참지 못하고 태워버렸어
나는 재를 주워 담아 술과 얼음과 마셔버렸어
오 미안 오 이제 작별 인사를 해야지
내 마음을 닫을 시간이야


cuz of Jen's birthday and funny vid

so it was my friend Jennifers birthday
and i had no clue of what to give her
went to southport
and so coincidently 'michelles patisserie' opened there
i ran there and fetched this marble cake thingy
looked nice
but i overcame the temptation to eat
and gave it to her

it was like a party thingy
but more of social gathering
all koreans though

it was quite funny and
not too ackward
i worried a lot because of that
but it was okay so yeah

then we watched a movie called 'knowing'
she paid all 10?? of us
i felt bad but yeah you know
its like what bday people do....
and thats why we bring presents along
so its kinda equal??

well the movie was like scary
but not like... a ghost movie
it was about the worlds end and how this guy
tries to stop it from coming

and this movie had the
most suckiest ending ever.

eww i still can feel it

oh yeah
and we went to 노래방
for 2hrs and 보너스+20min
i thought i was going to pass out
cuz it was stuffy
and like....no 분위기

(i know i went to 노래방 yesterday....too)

but the whole gathering party thing was fun i guess
i liked it

ohhh and i came across this funny vid
well not really hilarious exactly
but i guess ....
probs just a slight grin??

i typed in 'need more room' in google
cuz i was curious about what will come up
and yeah there was no sign of my blog
but instead there was this vid
check it out

yeah this is what i mean man!!!
need more room? :-)

'그저 웃지요'
lol love the life


cuz of this book called blindness and random talks

im up to reading recently
i loved book since i was a kid
i used to just read for days and days
but now i really dont read that often because

i got older
i started to think about stuffs
spend days just daydreaming
and being sad

a lot of the times i do my school work
pretty gay it takes away my time to read
and gain

but since its holidays
i have spared some time to read
and so im reading a book called

its also called 눈먼자들의 도시 in korean
but since im in australia and theres no way i could get
that translated version shipped here
im just reading it in english

its not too bad
i can understand most of it so its good

apparently its made into a movie as well
but i havent seen it
and movie might spoil it so.....

anyway this books quite good so far
its really philosophical and like... complexed
and thats what i like about
it contains meaning
and actually describes interesting aspects of the society
and the government and how its shaped
how peoples' mind develops when they're put in to an
unexpected situation

very psychological
yet fictional
the thing about korean kids are that
they dont READ

instead they just go off to play stupid computer games
or like smoke around, wagging 학원 and being a rabble

not to stereotype in a bad way..but still they spend their
time so unproductively

not even studying

and then they start crying when they stuff up their exams

and blame on stuffs that dont even make sense
what a 모순

all they think about is teen life
their faces their bodies their popularity
and their friendship!

but the truth is that their friendship is like a thin layer of ice
so fragile

on the other hand there are some kids that actually are switched on
they work crazily
aim for the highest goals

and im proud of them
because those are the ones
that make difference

and those are who out to the broader world
and typify about koreans
that they are smart

i love my country

and books......

so random



cuz of my luxurious end of term report. NOT

my report for term 1 on QAHS came
i got adequate grades but i really don't care
its funny cuz i care about the grades when i get it at school
but when it's like the mail? i don't even pay attention to it

but i was quite upset because my dad didn't
let me see it first
i think that's super rude because i worked hard
and i deserve at least that sort of respect
he knows that i stayed up so many nights for it
and it's my personal achievement
i NEED to see it first!!!

i was angry and upset
i still am i think
next time i'm gonna snatch it
and will see it first before ANYONE



cuz of this fav book!!

so this is a booked called 'flipped'(obviously) written by Wendlin Van Draanen
i don't really know when this book was published...

well anyway i read it first in korean (translated)
and i really liked it a LOT.
i even cried because it so touchy!!
i recommended to my sister to read it, and she did
but she didn't really find the book interesting nor sad at all.
apparently for her, it was boring?? and childish??

i guess everybody has different opinion and their own perception.
though i don't really care cuz i liked it
and thats whats important in life isnt it?
people might think of what others will think but
who gives a crap? at the end, you'll always be by yourself

you're born alone after being trapped alone in your moms tummy
for 10months, and you die alone too
you can never share you feelings completely with others
they can understand you, but they cant be you.

so back to the book
i love it because its set in a way like
a chapter for this character, and then the next ones for
the another character

its really cool because you get to see two different characters
view for one incident. it contrasts how ones perception of values
can be so different

very interesting and clever

and thats why i couldn't get over it and had to
go on a search to find the original text!
i NEEDED it!!

this cover is the korean translation for the identical book
i like the english one because its so much more simple
but well yeah 'dont judge books by its cover' right? :-)

anyway i think its really an irony for a same book
by the same author can be soooo different just by the language.

its like hard to explain
the sentence has the same meaning, but the atmosphere
and the feels conveyed in it is really different
im sure everybody agrees here
it doesnt have to be a russian rhyme poem to notice this
clearly the whole feeling and the magic of words are different
it just is

oh and also i have more obssesion of this book cuz
of this ferocious girl that who-i-cant-name.
she was once kinda sort of like a friend to me
and i lent it to her because i was being nice and wanted to share
and she never gave it back to me

she irresponsibly said 'i dont remember i dont know where i put it'
and just put me down...................... arghh:-(
then i just didnt like her at all
so i never talked to her again

i still feel this humangous anger whenever i think of her
because that book was mine
because it was my favvvv book
because it was in korean and im in australia (not going back there 'til grads)
because .........its just not right!!!!

she shouldve paid me
at leat say sorry?
:-((( gosh it really proves what kind of person she is

well anyway
this books friken amazing



cuz of i wannabe a pop artist

andy warhol
everybody know him for his pop art
he is friken fascinating

and this is me
trying to make myself an artist as well
well..10minute 'bungae'

who cares?

i got confidence

what do i get to lose?

i'm GOING for it!




cuz of this tight tablo

i was youtubing to pleasure myself
because i was soooooo bored

and came across this wonderrrr-ful
not really.


well and it was interesting!

i love tablo (not like love love)and this vid gave me a good laugh :-)

but now days..everytime i see tablo
he reminds me of kanghyejung..his lover??
she's a quite famous actor in korea
but they really dont match well!!!

it's justtttttttttt nottttttttt on!!

but yeah... so check this vid out

and amazingggg

want to rhyme like that

i'm so bad at english friken..aussie pronunciation

i mean...this guys friken from stanford uni!

i'm sooooooooooooo CHAV

this vid is also funny
it's tablo teaching his group member english
lol love him

<3<3<3 you feel my love? haha tablo is for the real man!!


Maintenant, en vacance!!

ohhh I'm on vacance!
in gold coast
which is in Australia
my home

finally the end of the first term in QAHS
dreadfully wanted holiday
however. just for a week


and more....essays to write
while cruising at home
with air conditioner

i'm so domestic!!
ewwww yuck

but surely not going to worry
bout it til the night before la rentree
meh as if I'll care

Let's go back to sleep now :-)


cuz my teeth hurts :- ( oww

awwy my teeth hurts a lot
and i am very annoyed

i got this elastic thing to wear on my braces
and it's like literally killing my jaws

also i changed my wire to the thickest one so it's like
friggen extra tight squishing my teeth

feel like if my whole mouth is going to pop out
and be


every time i open my mouth
the elastic bounces and i feel like

if i'm a spring going



rather like a kangaroo.

and i think im gaining weight
like perhaps a lot
because i just pig out
excusing myself going 'i need to grow a bit!:-)'

damn.........would i grow though?
want to be at least 170!!!!
but i know..........

i think i stopped
damn crap :-(

cuz of my love to amelie nothomb

say hi to my 'not very catchy looking' book!!
it's written by amelie nothomb!! haha :-)
she's like really famous in korea
but i only came cross her few weeks ago kk

in 'naver jisik in'? they recommended her books
so i went on a search trying to find some of her books
and i got this 'antechrista' from the local library!
i LOVE this library!<33 it's free and very useful!

well...when i first read this book i was like... Wa wa wawat?
but i kinda got in to it after a while..and it was really good!
it's written with simple english(important to meeeee)
but it still was so down to earth and philosophical<33
i love those books that have heavy meaning
cuz it questions me and changes my perception
of the way i view things and behaviour towards it

i just love it when i have time to read<3

lol yeah i only have a day more to go
and it's holidays~~~~~~

i'm freeeeeeeee to read bookssssssssss:-)*


cuz i'm so upset :-(

because of my damn chem teacher
now i have a lovely
yet disgusting
"0" for my extended essay design

Oh how exciting seriously.

what does she want from me?
i suffered a LOT because of the stupid
experiment design that I DO NOT CARE and then
JUST BECAUSE my internet didn't work
she is like
ripping my whole...what more than 48hr work?

this is driving me insane and i am sooooooooo
not not not not not going to do
anything that she wants me to do now

she lost me bad

seeya laterz crooky
maybe back in a trillion years time



cuz i feel like writing

i felt like
writing stuffs...

im really excited that
i have a blog
for myself now : )
yipeee <3

arghhh gosh i just remembered
of course
im going to school tomorrow!


i really dont want to study stuffs
that i really dont give a damn

but i have to i guess
cuz im such a nerd
i would like to be
not a

very simple

c'est formidable!

to start

okay.. well this is I-Ji
im still a student in high school (yeah..)
moreover, im asian LIVING in australia

whoa i made this blog to become a bit more social
coz i lack confidence and life

im planning to become someone
perhaps better than i am

so lets hold hands
and run around like
a bobodoll

yay : )