cuz of this ssssong

so i have this comparative essay due tomoro
and you know what?? haha i havent started!
and my family has this dinner

so yeah i was like wtf what am i gonna do
but like usual i dont panic
so im just going to do it like at 4 today? haha
dont care! kkk

so yeah basically i just did youtube
from 7am haha...........not funny

and i searched for the piano cover of 'second run'
original sound track from a korean online game called talesweaver
it was arranged by a guy called nam gung min
its kinda new age....its really magical and like... fantasy?

anyway i totally LOVE this song
its beautiful!!! <3

i also have this favvv cover of 'La La La' by Se7en
its quite old but its amazing
and i just LOVE it

it was played so nicely

Why can't i be like that?
i gotta practice by piano!!!!
a light of inspiration ^ ^

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