cuz of the sports day

i went to school today
I really didn't want to go
because I was still in the holiday mode
and it was too short! like WTF?
11days?? god kill me :-(

and plus it was sports day
Eww sun, sweat...

the forecast said it was going to
but it didn't!!

so I had to drag myself to school
with my sports uniform
and all my concerns.

but actually it wasn't as bad
as I expected.
it was quite fun
and the girls were really nice
they were all originally from benowa
and I love them because they're
all like.... smart kind and everything

and it was undercover
it wasn't too much of running
and I managed to play adequately so..

my arms are all bruised
but I feel proud of the way I played
I think volleyballs fun

I'm fit now!!

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