cuz of my love to amelie nothomb

say hi to my 'not very catchy looking' book!!
it's written by amelie nothomb!! haha :-)
she's like really famous in korea
but i only came cross her few weeks ago kk

in 'naver jisik in'? they recommended her books
so i went on a search trying to find some of her books
and i got this 'antechrista' from the local library!
i LOVE this library!<33 it's free and very useful!

well...when i first read this book i was like... Wa wa wawat?
but i kinda got in to it after a while..and it was really good!
it's written with simple english(important to meeeee)
but it still was so down to earth and philosophical<33
i love those books that have heavy meaning
cuz it questions me and changes my perception
of the way i view things and behaviour towards it

i just love it when i have time to read<3

lol yeah i only have a day more to go
and it's holidays~~~~~~

i'm freeeeeeeee to read bookssssssssss:-)*

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