cuz of Jen's birthday and funny vid

so it was my friend Jennifers birthday
and i had no clue of what to give her
went to southport
and so coincidently 'michelles patisserie' opened there
i ran there and fetched this marble cake thingy
looked nice
but i overcame the temptation to eat
and gave it to her

it was like a party thingy
but more of social gathering
all koreans though

it was quite funny and
not too ackward
i worried a lot because of that
but it was okay so yeah

then we watched a movie called 'knowing'
she paid all 10?? of us
i felt bad but yeah you know
its like what bday people do....
and thats why we bring presents along
so its kinda equal??

well the movie was like scary
but not like... a ghost movie
it was about the worlds end and how this guy
tries to stop it from coming

and this movie had the
most suckiest ending ever.

eww i still can feel it

oh yeah
and we went to 노래방
for 2hrs and 보너스+20min
i thought i was going to pass out
cuz it was stuffy
and like....no 분위기

(i know i went to 노래방 yesterday....too)

but the whole gathering party thing was fun i guess
i liked it

ohhh and i came across this funny vid
well not really hilarious exactly
but i guess ....
probs just a slight grin??

i typed in 'need more room' in google
cuz i was curious about what will come up
and yeah there was no sign of my blog
but instead there was this vid
check it out

yeah this is what i mean man!!!
need more room? :-)

'그저 웃지요'
lol love the life

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