cuz of this book called blindness and random talks

im up to reading recently
i loved book since i was a kid
i used to just read for days and days
but now i really dont read that often because

i got older
i started to think about stuffs
spend days just daydreaming
and being sad

a lot of the times i do my school work
pretty gay it takes away my time to read
and gain

but since its holidays
i have spared some time to read
and so im reading a book called

its also called 눈먼자들의 도시 in korean
but since im in australia and theres no way i could get
that translated version shipped here
im just reading it in english

its not too bad
i can understand most of it so its good

apparently its made into a movie as well
but i havent seen it
and movie might spoil it so.....

anyway this books quite good so far
its really philosophical and like... complexed
and thats what i like about
it contains meaning
and actually describes interesting aspects of the society
and the government and how its shaped
how peoples' mind develops when they're put in to an
unexpected situation

very psychological
yet fictional
the thing about korean kids are that
they dont READ

instead they just go off to play stupid computer games
or like smoke around, wagging 학원 and being a rabble

not to stereotype in a bad way..but still they spend their
time so unproductively

not even studying

and then they start crying when they stuff up their exams

and blame on stuffs that dont even make sense
what a 모순

all they think about is teen life
their faces their bodies their popularity
and their friendship!

but the truth is that their friendship is like a thin layer of ice
so fragile

on the other hand there are some kids that actually are switched on
they work crazily
aim for the highest goals

and im proud of them
because those are the ones
that make difference

and those are who out to the broader world
and typify about koreans
that they are smart

i love my country

and books......

so random


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