cuz of this tight tablo

i was youtubing to pleasure myself
because i was soooooo bored

and came across this wonderrrr-ful
not really.


well and it was interesting!

i love tablo (not like love love)and this vid gave me a good laugh :-)

but now days..everytime i see tablo
he reminds me of kanghyejung..his lover??
she's a quite famous actor in korea
but they really dont match well!!!

it's justtttttttttt nottttttttt on!!

but yeah... so check this vid out

and amazingggg

want to rhyme like that

i'm so bad at english friken..aussie pronunciation

i mean...this guys friken from stanford uni!

i'm sooooooooooooo CHAV

this vid is also funny
it's tablo teaching his group member english
lol love him

<3<3<3 you feel my love? haha tablo is for the real man!!

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