cuz I'm bak with some serious attitude

alrighty, so I've been away for quite a while
it's because I've either been too busy with IB,
or I've just let things go...

But now I'm baaaaack! ; )
it's holidays right now so I can do whateva
I feel like doing

okay these days I'm hugely into reading
watching movies and a guy called wooyoung of 2pm
i'm trying to suppress my obssession? for him
but he is really adorable and cute.

I'm going to blame it all on my sister because
she infected me by going 'omg 2pm I love them'
when I had no clue who they were. Apparently they are
huge in Korea and even people that are like booktards
and nerds are in to them...most of their fans are pretty much
businessmen (and YES they have A LOT of male fans!)
and aunty-aged :$

it's so sad how jay left though, I mean he was a bit rude
to be honest, but it wasn't THAT inappropriate
...like I use a lot of 'gay' in my life because it's just like
saying I feel uneasy?? then it got translated into a rather
'sick as homosexual'...how is he meaning 'i want to throw up
it's yuck'??? This is why I hate Koreans
they make assumptions and get totally obsessed with
the whole patriotism? while it's actually lacking self-confidence

I like Korea, but at the same time I don't like Korea
because it's full of assumptions, prejudgement, competition
and the crazy 자격지심 to japan or America
I too dislike Japan and America because they used to
bully us and totally crushed us but it's a history so we must
move on to what is like now, while aknowledging the past.

I guess no matter what, if you were raised in Korea
you'll be totally biased towards Japan.
And I am too.