cuz of this fav book!!

so this is a booked called 'flipped'(obviously) written by Wendlin Van Draanen
i don't really know when this book was published...

well anyway i read it first in korean (translated)
and i really liked it a LOT.
i even cried because it so touchy!!
i recommended to my sister to read it, and she did
but she didn't really find the book interesting nor sad at all.
apparently for her, it was boring?? and childish??

i guess everybody has different opinion and their own perception.
though i don't really care cuz i liked it
and thats whats important in life isnt it?
people might think of what others will think but
who gives a crap? at the end, you'll always be by yourself

you're born alone after being trapped alone in your moms tummy
for 10months, and you die alone too
you can never share you feelings completely with others
they can understand you, but they cant be you.

so back to the book
i love it because its set in a way like
a chapter for this character, and then the next ones for
the another character

its really cool because you get to see two different characters
view for one incident. it contrasts how ones perception of values
can be so different

very interesting and clever

and thats why i couldn't get over it and had to
go on a search to find the original text!
i NEEDED it!!

this cover is the korean translation for the identical book
i like the english one because its so much more simple
but well yeah 'dont judge books by its cover' right? :-)

anyway i think its really an irony for a same book
by the same author can be soooo different just by the language.

its like hard to explain
the sentence has the same meaning, but the atmosphere
and the feels conveyed in it is really different
im sure everybody agrees here
it doesnt have to be a russian rhyme poem to notice this
clearly the whole feeling and the magic of words are different
it just is

oh and also i have more obssesion of this book cuz
of this ferocious girl that who-i-cant-name.
she was once kinda sort of like a friend to me
and i lent it to her because i was being nice and wanted to share
and she never gave it back to me

she irresponsibly said 'i dont remember i dont know where i put it'
and just put me down...................... arghh:-(
then i just didnt like her at all
so i never talked to her again

i still feel this humangous anger whenever i think of her
because that book was mine
because it was my favvvv book
because it was in korean and im in australia (not going back there 'til grads)
because .........its just not right!!!!

she shouldve paid me
at leat say sorry?
:-((( gosh it really proves what kind of person she is

well anyway
this books friken amazing


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