cuz of this lovely feeling and a bit of korean talk

-this picture might be a bit random but i think it goes absolutely great with the topic that i am going to talk about right now. up to individuals and how they interpret it. anyway. enjoy.-

i was going through my storage cabinet thing
and it was pretty interesting because i found this card
that i got from my friends in A.B Paterson College

it was like a farewell card that they gave me
just before my last day of school? :-) ahh... Jess and Steph...
my asian buddies!!
they were really nice to me and we had LOTS of fun

we were always like 'yep asian rules!!' even though
they weren't like...asian asian like me.... you know...
who you call 'asian' by their physical appearance however, not mentally??
anyway we always talked about how thai rules
(i love thai food! <3<3<3)btw Jess is thai.

had SOOOOOOOO much fun. these guys rock the world! kkk
well yeah they were really upset when i told them that i'm leaving
especially to a freshly built collaborated school that apparently only nerds go.
and yet Jess was quite smart as well! YEHHH asian!!..not as hard core as me though

anyway... the card... absolutely touchy.... they wrote really nice
words about me... said that they'll miss me so much
and how they love me (soooo nice to feel loved)
they said that i'm one of the most prettiest person they ever met
and how i'm cool and cute....arghh very nice...not sure of the cute part. but.

these girls were amazing... like they totally shifted my perception of views
before i never used to care about friends. i was never good with
relationships at the first place.

i got hurt a lot when i was around with koreans because they're all like
mean....very self-centred and always backstabbing...jealous..and stuff
they always follow me and pretend that they're sooo cool
act sooo jjijil-e? like.. CHAV!! have this massive prejudice
especially the DEATH STARES!!! friken creeps the hell out of me.

sometimes koreans can be really nice. more because they are korean.
because they speak the same language??
but as you get to know them from inside out?
very likely to be revealed as NOT SO GOOD.

i think its because they live in an absolute intense competitive society
where they have to eat each other up in order to survive

so im kinda lucky to be here i guessand because i know how
western people think..because i can easily compare how
koreans and australians are.
and i try to be centred in the middle..

not too australian because they're slow
not too korean because they're cunning

ahhhh.. so many thoughts rushing through my head.

just sleep. lets sleep.

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