cuz all a sudden I want to introduce myself

So! The school life is quite exciting
Not. it used to be like at least
proffessional in a way cuz I really
concerntrated in class but like now?

I'm just over it and I want to quit school
not that I'm failing anything I'm actually
doing well in all my subjects

I top in French ab initio and psych
and good as usual in maths science

i'm one of those lucky people who
just naturally do good compared to
How much effort I put in :-)

I don't study much in fact I spend
a lot of time eating mainly talking
Yess I'm a chatty person when around
people that I know really well
but I'm not that optimistic at all
I suffer deeply with depression....

for past of my life I've been trying
soooooo hard to be what Korean people
call 'the one' and I dreamt things that
is apparently NOT me.

my parents say that I'm smart
but I never actually enjoyed studying
cuz it's not part of my life
and I don't give a crap of it

so yeah I feel so gay
cuz I'm nothing special than others

I'm just who's among others
cool? no... QAHS isn't cool

LOL at my identity.

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