holiday without parents

It's holidays
and my parents went to korea for some business matters

I thought it would be fun without them
but I miss them already

our house is so cold
and it's big

so i get chilly
and the silence that their absence brings
is ..............so...........empty

i've been trying to read a lot of books
but oh god frankenstein...........i have to look up words in dictionary every minute or so.
Just can't speed up. Such an effort.

and i've got piles of others to read such as

1Q84 (yes i've got to read it again)
Shades of grey
The lost symbol
Restaurant at the end of universe
The incident of the lamp post
Anna Karenina
One day in the life off Ivan Denisovich

.......and tonnes more

I think I'll have to read like 2 a day to get things done by the end of this week

so dreading school............

also I feel kinda shit right now because I just cut my hair
and i regret it so much. arghhhh
i had to get rid of my dead ends (they were like 10cm) cos it was disgusting
and i ended up with a very short hair (relatively)

i wanted to cut it more cos the i hate the border of short and long
but then i didn't cos if i cut it short then i would have to straighten it everyday before school and it would be a pain. Also i would just end up with the same damaged hair
which would mean i would have to have short hair for my whole life

hate my hair. damn the straight hair girls.
i envy them

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