mum coming home today

my mum is coming today! yay so excited i was so lonely in this big house
and i was quite over the whole junk food cos i didnt want to cook and i always got up late

i miss my dad too he's coming on saturday morning?

i've just finished cleaning the house doing the dishes and laundry
i didnt have to if i didnt want to but i wanted to
i dont want my mum to come home with all the presents and then get upset cos of the destruction mode in our house

i havent been reading much lately cos i've been into this comic called 20th century boy i really like it. it's been out for quite a while and i think it's famous too. it's really good it makes you feel something in you

i also didnt do much of any school work oh god i really need to do my psych and maths.......... i should get going with my psych IA................

fun fun fun

I better get some sleep now since it's quater past 3 already
tired tired

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