cuz of long time no post

Well here I am
finally showing some commitment to my blog
I wasn't that busy, except for my compos
exam after exam

I have been doing good
like all my grades are quite okay so far
and I have 2 exams tomoro but I'm not
studying because somehow I always
relax?? when I have exams....
I never freak out or panic like others
I know - dis donc j'ai de la chance!!! tres vraiment

also recently my dad and I have been
spending time together listening to 7080s music
and it was really good !!

Most of people nowadays
don't understand nor know about the old pops
but I think it's really important to know cuz
seriously post music is crap it has nothing in it
stupid teenage girls sing with their face and
Their voices are always processed with those
fixed pitch electronic stuff probs trying to cover their unacceptable voice

every song sounds the same and the words
Have no meaning at all trying to act cool they put
English words in it that doesn't even make sense!!

back in the days it was just audio not video
And music actually meant 'life' to the musicians
so songs that my dad and I listened to all had
philosophy in it, their soul and emotion...

there are some people who still sing like this
but..... they can never be recognized because
of all the stupid idol shits that take up their space..

this is why I let go of my childhood dream
because I'm not that good looking, because
I don't want to put myself in a shame
and I don't want to take up the opportunity for the
Real musicians that needs it.

now back to my french exam revision :-(((


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