cuz of i am sooo bored

hi i finished all my exams (finally....jesus)
and i have nothing to do because I didn't go to school
yr 12s still have their exams to do so
lucky yr 10s we get a day off :-)

and im all by myself doing computer
and internet is soo slow not even kidding
and there's no chocolate..i was so upset in the morning

right now, goldcoast is f-ing cold !!
apparently its like 5 degrees? and that is like
unbelievable for goldcoast's weather
single digit!!! thats wowwwwww
ahhh.. so cold..

im wrapped up in my mum's bed
i turned the electric blanket on but i hate the feeling
like....i feel radiation through my body it's disgusting
but i have no choice so... ha...

im sooo bored!!!
i start talking to myself
sad reality

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