Quit my job

I quit my job yesterday. I wasn't planning to do it but I had to at somepoint cuz of my retarded foot. I'm having a surgery to get a piece of bone removed from my 5th foot. So... yeah 3months of Fasta Pasta ....end.

I really hated going to work. It was quite alright when I was actually working, but I hated getting dressed then catch the bus and walk in the sun.

I don't know.......Yesterday I felt so weird because although I was looking forward to peaceful weekends with my family, I was somehow agonising. I was in despair

I must have made some sort of connection or some kind of relationship between myself and my first job. Somehow I made a mental schemata that associates myself as a part of it.

It made me grow up. Much more responsible....

It's weird how you always want something to end, something to go away, and when it actually happens, you don't feel satisfied. I wanted to quit, but when I did finally, I was distressed and sad.

It's always like that I guess. Everything has an end to it and you have to get out of the mold, and try new things. Sometimes you don't want to leave, you don't want changes in your life, but you need it.

I'm becoming much more.......profound maybe.

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