cuz of ..work...hard

yup so I'm employed at fasta pasta @ harbour town as a wait person now
and like........damn it's hardcore.

I only served complimentary breads, little side dishes but I'm like already dead and I'm not looking forward to go back there. But I'll have to on friday....I have no choice cuz nobody else wants me.

So I did a bit of cleaning up tables and serving, but like...why am I scared? Like the customers, when they ask me things that I don't really know how to deal with, I freeze and murmur. My manager's like........um yeah don't do that next time cos that could be a bit rude....yeah i know that.

and like people there are old. not like old old but around about 30ish? and I'm a teen. So i feel lonely and disregarded....I feel like if I'm messing everything up and it feels bad. I feel so little cos i have to wear this old uniform that my manager used to wear and its XXL. I also have to put the apron on but its like so old -_- and long................

i still don't know how much i'm getting paid and it feels like its going to be around $9......so i ONLY got what 27 bucks today. and i feel exhausted. great.

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