well...2weeks but still. i needed it badly.
but, i still have my ToK essay, Maths IA, EE to do
which is pretty much :-( because I want to relax

I'm into fragrances and perfumes right now
I LOVE them I love collecting perfumes cos it's good
I've got like....5 right now? But, I'm planning to get more.
I bought davidoff cool water because it was on sale couple of days ago
and i like it!! It's obviously a classic, but i still think it's really refreshing and good.
Also, I bought my friend CK eternity moment 30ml one because it smelt good and was cheap.
I really liked that one....but it's out of my hands now :-(
I didn't really like her attitude though....she was like whats this -0-
while all the other girls were like OMG it smells really good !!!
whatever. it was cheap.

anyway...so i'm gonna play a bit of game and then back on track with my maths IA
I want to get things done quickly so that I can relax and do what i want to do.

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